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Washing Machine Service for a Variety of Washers

Your local Macpro Appliances & Projects offers convenient scheduling and upfront pricing for washing machine repair service and maintenance. Our experts live and breathe quality workmanship, offering a parts and labor warranty. We know all the inner workings of a wide range of washers, including: Top-loading washing machines,Front-loading washing machines,Twin tub washing machines,Smart washers.

Common Washing Machine Problems We Repair

These appliances have a lot of moving parts, which makes clothes washer repair an unfortunately common necessity. We can put your mind at ease by addressing a range of problems, including these common ones, that you might run into:

★ Tripping Power
★ Freezer Isn’t Cold Enough.
★ Water Leaking on the Floor.
★ fridge making strange noise.
★ Building up ice fridge/ freezer.
★ Refrigerator is Cycling Too Often.
★ Sheet of Ice on the Freezer Floor.
★ Lights On but not getting cold at all.
★ Buildup of Frost in the Ice Dispenser.
★ Fresh Food Compartment Is Warming Up.

In most cases, this is caused by a tripped, off-balance switch from a
weight-imbalanced load. It’s easily solved by redistributing clothes. Otherwise,
you may have a problem with the timer/control board, or your outlet, which our
professionals can take care of.

Soaked clothes at the end of a wash cycle may indicate that the washer isn’t
spinning. This could be due to a defective lid switch or lid plunger, damaged
wires, broken or worn-out drive belt, or a bad timer/control board. Washing
machine drum repair can take care of internal problems. Something as simple as
a washing machine door repair can fix a malfunctioning lid switch that doesn’t
allow your washer to agitate.

If you notice excessive vibration, your washer may not be leveled properly or
could be on a weakened wood floor. Worn dampers may also be to blame. If the
interior of the drum moves excessively compared to the fixed exterior, trust
Macpro Appliances & Projects for expert washing machine bearing repair.

Excess soap, loose hoses, drain hose clogs, and leaking pumps, tubs, or tub
water injection hoses could be to blame for leaks and other similar damage.

If wash cycles leave spots or excess soap on laundry, it could mean you need
washing machine valve repair or replacement. Or you may need a professional to
repair or replace a defective timer, control board, or detergent dispenser.

Water will remain in the drum if you have a defective pump, worn drive belt, or
clogged drain hose. When it doesn’t drain properly, it could lead to serious
problems like mold and mildew. Our service professionals can take care of
everything from washing machine drain switch repair to washing machine pump

Washing Machine Replacement Parts Macpro Appliances Installs

If you’ve noticed any of the above problems with your washer, Macpro Appliances & Projects is here to
help. We replace any part on a washing machine, including

● Belts
● Timers/control boards
● Pumps

● Hoses
● Lid switches
● Pressure switches

● Clutch / Gearbox
● Spin motor
● Solenoids
● Dampers

Washing Machine Repair Near Me

Don't let laundry pile up because of a broken-down washer! Schedule service with Macpro Appliances & Projects online or call us. We'll leave your washing machine in great condition and can even set up routine maintenance services with you afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my washing machine shake?

An unbalanced load is the most common reason washing machines shake. Your machine may also not be level, whether it’s due to an uneven floor, warped supports, or run-down damper pads. Check your washing machine’s balance by rocking the appliance side to side. An unbalanced machine will move a lot.

Why does my sink gurgle when the washing machine drains?

This happens because the washer pushes a relatively high volume of water through a shared drain. If the drain is fully or partially blocked, it creates a vacuum, pushing air ahead to make the gurgling sound. If your sink gurgles when you do laundry, it's time to call in plumbing experts Not Macpro Appliances.

Is it worth fixing a leaking washing machine?

It depends! If your washing machine isn’t that old and the repairs will cost less than half the value of a new appliance, a repair is usually the way to go. For example, leaks can be caused by one small malfunction that’s not worth replacing the whole appliance over.

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All work done by Macpro Appliances & Projects includes a warranty that covers labour for 3 months and appliance parts for up to 6 months.

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