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Few things are more satisfying than a cool breeze on a hot day. But when your ceiling fan breaks in the middle of summer, the hot, still air can be downright oppressive. If you have a broken fan but don’t want to pay to install a new one, then ceiling fan repairs are a great option. Fortunately, many of the components in a fan can be replaced for a lower price than just buying a new fan. Not sure if your fan can be repaired? Not a problem! We’ll explain some of the most requested ceiling fan repair jobs and answer some frequently asked questions.

Ceiling Fan Installation

During the summer months, almost all of us could use another way to cool down our homes. Air conditioning is great if you have it, but even those of us with that advantage don’t love the high costs associated with cooling a home. Thankfully, there’s another option: ceiling fans. Ceiling fans can make your home more comfortable and enhance your décor. At Macpro Appliances & Projects, we provide expert ceiling fan installation services, including upgrades like adding lights to your existing fans. Adding a fan to your home can improve your lighting.

Why You Should Repair a Broken Ceiling Fan

Scheduling repairs can deliver several quick benefits to your family and your household budget. Here are just a few of the most notable benefits of ceiling fan repairs:

Increased comfort: Fans create a nice breeze that can help your family stay cool and comfortable on hot days.
Improved energy efficiency: When you get a nice breeze going, you can turn up your thermostat several degrees and save a bundle on summertime cooling bills.
Money savings: Repairing a ceiling fan is often more affordable than replacing it, especially if your fan is a high-end model.
Maintaining your home’s décor: If your fan still coordinates with the room’s decorating scheme, then why get rid of it? A quick repair could keep your stylish fan going for many more years.

Why Call on Macpro Appliances for Ceiling Fan Installation?

When you’re ready to capitalize on the many benefits of ceiling fans, call Macpro Appliances & Projects for professional installation of a ceiling fan. Here are just a few of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to total customer satisfaction:
Reliable Service: Our electricians are prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. And we always make sure that everything works before we wrap up the job.
Guaranteed Results: Macpro Appliances & Projects delivers the highest quality service, repair, and installation services. We stand behind our work.
A Name You Know and Trust: Macpro Appliances & Projects is a growing brand with roots in your community. We hire local electricians and our locations are often owned and operated by members of your community.

Ceiling Fan Repair FAQs

Why won’t my ceiling fan turn on when I flip the switch?

There are a number of things that can go wrong inside of a fan. If you flip the switch and hear a humming sound, then it’s likely an issue with the motor. If the motor makes no sound when you flip the switch, it could be dead or, more likely, you have a wiring issue.

How do I stop my fan from making noise?

Some noise is inevitable when using a fan. Ideally, all you’ll hear is the whoosh of moving air and the faintest of hums from the motor. Older fans have noisier motors, and you may want to replace the fan if the noise is too obnoxious. If the fan was installed poorly, it may thump against the ceiling, which can be fixed by properly tightening the screws or calling an electrician.

Why doesn’t my fan cool down the room?

In areas with more variable climates, people often switch the direction of the fan to match the needs of the season. If your fan is rotating clockwise during the summer, it may be making your room feel warmer. Clockwise rotation pulls air up into the fan to help circulate warm air. Conversely, counter-clockwise rotation pushes air down into the room to create a cooling breeze.

Ceiling Fan Repair in Your Area

When your ceiling fans needs service, Macpro Appliances & Projects is ready to help. Whether you need repair, replacement, or installation, Macpro Appliances & Projects has the experience you need for fast and effective electrical services, including ceiling fan repair.

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