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MACPRO APPLIANCES & PROJECTS provides security solutions that provide peaceof mind, remote viewing and app-enabled features like pan, tilt & zoom as well as DVR recording, motion detection, and more. Our powerful line of commercial surveillance systems is packed full of features like 4K recording, IR night vision, full color night vision, Artificial intelligence features such as facial recognition, license plate recognition, and human body detection, pan & tilt controls that help prevent break-ins, vandalism, and more. We support businesses that care about smart security.



Our indoor CCTV & cameras record in 4K and connect to our app so users can easily keep an eye on their business even while they’re away. Our outdoor CCTV & cameras are completely weather sealed and record in 4K with build in infrared (IR) for crystal clear night time recording.


Control how long you would like your recordings to last and how far back you would like to be able to view by easily upgrading the internal hard drive even after purchase and having more room to store important footage and events in
your business or home.


We secure small businesses, retail, restaurants, warehouses, and more both inside and out.

24/7 Video Access

View live or archived footage from any camera in your system from your PC, phone, or tablet. Even customize alerts based on motion!

Reliable & Redundant Storage

No software to buy, update, maintain, or support. All video is stored on site.

Manage Multiple Locations

See all cash registers, customer areas, entrances, etc. on one screen from anywhere in the world! We use wired or wireless systems making them easy and reliable.


● Reduce loss theft
● Safeguard workspace environment
● Protect yourself from vandalism and crime
● Protect your home, cars, and have peace of mind when resting


  • Residential Houses
  • Retail/Clothing/Restaurants
  • Carwashes
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Taverns

Maintenance is a key aspect in keeping your technology running problem free and preventing it from breaking down when you need it most.

Macpro Appliances & Projects understands the importance of keeping your security system at optimal conditions, and knows the frustration a broken system can create. For this reason, we will work to get to your location as soon as possible for needed repairs and with regularly scheduled maintenance we can ensure that your system will run without problem

Alarm and CCTV Security System Repair

Alarm companies love to install security systems and provide central
monitoring services. But when the client needs repair services, it’s often hard to find an alarm company who will do it.

At MACPRO APPLIANCES & PROJECTS we love challenges

If you are having trouble with your system, we can help – even if we didn’t install it! Our experience involves working with many different types of residential and commercial security systems, access control, and intercom systems. Over the years we have built an extensive knowledge base of troubleshooting and can quickly get to the root of the problem.


Alarm systems are made up of electrical components that may eventually need service. Apartment intercoms systems are used continually and are frequently damaged and need service. Cameras need to be readjusted and cleaned. Repair and maintenance of these critical safety systems that you depend on is necessary.

System Support.

In the event of an emergency, Macpro Appliances & Projects has on-call technicians available during the working days for both residential and commercial clients.

Maintaining effective systems for your safety, security and comfort.

Because technology changes so rapidly, maintaining the effectiveness of commercial alarm systems often requires adding on to existing systems or upgrading your older equipment.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Friendly, personable approach
  2. Full information on cost from the outset
  3. Regular contact to keep you fully informed
  4. Highly trained staff and expert advice

House Alarm Maintenance

Macpro Appliances & Projects offers a complete house alarm service and maintenance package to ensure that your home security system remains functional for years to come. As a group of specialists in both CCTV, and Alarm, Many of our engineers are trained in-house and can service all your CCTV, and Alarm equipment in one single visit.

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All work done by Macpro Appliances & Projects includes a warranty that covers labour for 3 months and appliance parts for up to 6 months.

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